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Barbershops have been using the same old pay-as-you-go business model since the dawn of time. Charging customers for each visit is fundamentally flawed. Hair grows around the clock and looks change rapidly. To keep up would be outrageously expensive.

As customers, we are forced to visit less often than we would like to. The is a major problem in a modern area when kept appearances are critical to success.

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The Skin Fade Club

Committing to a skin fade is not a decision that a man takes lightly. It's a precision look that requires nearly weekly maintenance. Maintaining that high-quality look at an affordable price is a challenge that every skin fade man in NYC faces.

The Skin Fade Club is answer. Through membership pricing, we are able to offer skin fades at a price point that converts weekly maintenance into a reality. Our master barbers are skilled in the art of the skin fade and are here to keep your style fresh - every day.

The Classic Club

Men with classic haircuts value flexibility. Their styles could be kept tight with monthly visits, but guys want flexibility. Perhaps this month calls for a quick refresh before a wedding or a big meeting? Our membership model allows men access to the full suite of classic barbershop services at preferred pricing.

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