We identified a problem

Barbershops have been using the same old pay-as-you-go business model since the dawn of time. Charging customers for each visit is fundamentally flawed. Hair grows around the clock and looks change rapidly. To keep up would be outrageously expensive.

As customers, we are forced to visit less often than we would like to. And when we do, service can be unreliable from one barber shop to the next. This is a major problem in a modern era when kept appearances are critical to success.

This archaic approach is even worse for barbers, who are treated as transient labor with inconsistent cash pay. Barbers must split their hard-earned wages with barber shop owners (typically 50%), leaving them at the mercy of cash tips. This is a major problem in a modern economy transitioning away from cash.

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We innovated and took risk

Our founders are entrepreneurs from New York who asked themselves - how can we do better.

Our disruptive solution is to provide grooming-as-a-service.

We believe customers should pay an affordable monthly fee for high-quality, and consistent services. As members, customers can choose a month-to-month package to suit their service needs, without making a long-term commitment.

We believe in taking care of our barbers as equity partners with stable compensation.

We are Trim & Proper

We transformed every aspect of the grooming experience. We designed and built safe and beautiful modern facilities. We developed the ultimate digital experience.

Trim & Proper app allows members to book appointments, manage payments, and maintain their look. Barbers take photos and notes after each visit to ensure exceptional and consistent service every time.

We partnered with the finest master barbers who take their craft seriously and believe in our vision.

Our mission is to redefine the traditional barbershop into an exceptional modern grooming experience.

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