Trim & Proper Manifesto

October 16, 2022

Human beings are made for greatness. The path to peak performance begins with positive thinking. If you look your best, you feel your best, and perform your best. Then why not always look your best?

Hair grows around the clock and looks change rapidly. To maintain kept appearances at all times would be outrageously expensive under the current barber shop regime. Pay-as-you-go charges (or overcharges) customers for every visit and forces barbers to share earnings with barber shop owners (typically 50%). This business-as-usual mindset is suboptimal and complacent, to say the least.

Our founders are entrepreneurs from New York who asked themselves – how can we do better? Trim & Proper was established with a mission to redefine the traditional barber shop into an exceptional modern grooming experience. Our disruptive solution is to provide grooming-as-a-service.

We believe an affordable barbershop membership with high-quality, and consistent services is the only way to always look your best.

Well, we did not stop there. We elevated every aspect of the traditional barber shop. We designed and built safe and beautiful modern facilities. We developed the ultimate digital experience with the Trim & Proper app. Book, reschedule, and cancel appointments in real-time. Easy to use contactless autopay and ability to pause and restart membership anytime. Barbers maintain a profile for every member to ensure consistent results each visit.

We partnered with the finest master barbers who take their craft seriously and share our vision. No tipping here. We take care of our barbers as equity partners with stable compensation.

Our passion, principles, and purpose are aligned. We are here to help you achieve greatness. Starting with your look.

Our reviews so far by our beloved members are encouraging. We look forward to expanding our services and locations next year.